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James Darren Lyrics

James Darren List of Lyrics

Album: The This Ones From The Heart (1999) Lyrics
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Album: Teenage Tears (1996) Lyrics
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  1. Goodbye Cruel World
  2. Her Royal Majesty
  3. Gidget
  4. Gidget Goes Hawaiian
  5. Gegetta (Gidget Goes To Rome)
  6. Wild About That Girl
  7. Because They're Young
  8. Conscience
  9. Hail To The Conquering Hero
  10. They Should Have Given You The Oscar
  11. Just Think Of Tonight
  12. Pin A Medal On Joey
  13. Mary's Little Lamb
  14. Diamond Head
  15. Too Young To Go Steady
  16. Mighty Pretty Territory
  17. You
  18. Come On My Love
  19. I Don't Want To Lose Ya
  20. Backstage
  21. Gotta Have Love
  22. Teenage Tears
  23. The Life Of The Party
  24. Punch And Judy
  25. Angel Face
  26. Hear What I Wanna Hear
  27. Valerie
  28. If I Could Only Tell You
  29. You Are My Dream
  30. Deam Big
  31. Put On A Happy Face
  32. I Ain't Sharin' Sharon
Album: Best Of James Darren (1994) Lyrics
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Album: Sings For All Sizes (1961) Lyrics
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Album: Album No. 1 (1959) Lyrics
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Album: Other Songs Lyrics
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Album: Sings The Movies Lyrics
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