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Its bloody cold Lyrics

Its bloody cold by James Blunt  

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Its bloody cold My Life Is Rubbish
My Life Is Tough
The Other Singers Pick On Me
Nick All My Stuff
They Dont Think Im One Of Them
And Thats Not Fair
Just Coz Iv Got A Girly Voice
And Silly Hair
I Told Them Im A Soldier
I Bin In A War
But None Of Them Believe Me
And Laugh Even More
Robbie Sed To Prove My Self Just I Should Go
And Take My Coat And Top Off And Stand In The Snow

Its Bloody Cold
Its Bloody Cold
Its Bloody Cold Out Here
But If I Pass Robbies Test
Maybe He'll Be So Immpressed
And It Might Help My Career
Blast Into Next Year

Noel And Liam Gallaga Wont Let Me In Their Gang
Morrisie Keeps Telling Me James Blunt Is Rhyming Slang
Craig David Says The Only Way, To Prove Im Kool
Is Jumping With My Trousers On
Into A Swimming Pool

Its Bloody Cold
Its Bloody Cold
Its Bloody Cold I Know
But If It Means I Can Hang
With The Kool Singers Gang
Its Worth It I Suppose
Ok Then Here Goes

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