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Halloween Lyrics

Halloween by Jake Tracey  

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Halloween Featuring Andrew Tracey
Trick or treat me
Your love is easy
Got Me thinking
That you are measly
Too damn scary for this day
Devil's holiday is on it's way
Halloween Day is for my day
Disturbing is my thing for anyway
You'll be scared
This ain't a test they love me but I'm still
The best
The girls go crazy and the parents are lazy
To get up to see what's going on
Bat things are gonna happen
But we ain't laughing
Then a secret plot rings the phone
So this october
Not the best day to think of having fun anyway
He'll get you to kill you life to make a chill
So get calmed before it's the real deal
Halloween is for my day
Disturbing is my ting for anyways
You'll be scared
This aint a test they love me but I'm still the best
He'll get you every night
And make's wrongs to rights but make you cry forever he'll make u be dead forever no
Chorus 4x

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