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Changed (Interlude) Lyrics

Changed (Interlude) by Jake Tracey  

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Changed (Interlude) Last year, I had an alter ego named Mr. Tracey.
He's still alive.
But he's gone for the year.
And I have finally returned by myself with a brand new me.
I just think everything got out of hand.
I've changed.
I am back with a new style.
Rapping was so out of line.
But one day, Mr. Tracey will return and I will take over.
I am Jake Tracey.
And I welcome you, back to basics. To where we first began.
Under Construction in 2005.
And then it came Highlighted in 2007.
The Disturbia Chronicles.
Brave World.
Legacy Of A Brave Man.
Ferris Wheel.
And then it came to Alter Ego.
And now...
It's Skyline.

Computerized Speaker:
To the new generation of Jake Tracey 2010.
Come with me and we'll show you.

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