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From The Drain Of A.i.s. - Jairus


From The Drain Of A.i.s. by Jairus

As the cold floor screams attention (determination......) I observe reactions with tears ( make us see). Apologies for broken halo's and imperfection, broken wings mend. This fall (problems solve......).
This fall where words vanish (......thoughts awake) and problems solve like fallen angels. A new concept (and coldness......). What keeps me seated (the winter of my heart), rooms warm with familiar voice.
To the stairs with hands that pull, they find no resistance. Shirts ripped and tears, I have no time to choose my words, that break pictures and wet eyes.
To keep my eyes open takes your faces (for you). This glass in my head (without a reason) resounds and echoes. With each dream that screams and dies, with each of your words my head looks up.
This is all of you, I give all of me to you. Friends that keep dreams alive and raise me to the stars, to touch God and say, I'm sorry.