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Scream (Railroad Tracks) Lyrics

Scream (Railroad Tracks) by Jacob's Dream  

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Scream (Railroad Tracks) For all that I know you don't even know me. You say love, so come and show
Me. Shatter the glass of time. Storm out the room, have you lost your mind?
Breathe a little slower now. There's no one after you/are on the path that
Fades away. Hear the sound in the distance. Your foots stuck inside the
Railroad tracks. There's no coming back and that's a fact. You ain't no
Damsel in distress. Even though you love wear that dress. Scream, ah.
There's no one after you! It's not set in stone, but it's convenient. For
You to keep on giving in, to the fight of your life. Love you can find
Between the lines. Breathe a little slower now. There's no one after you.
When passions like a tidal wave. Just wait, the storm will blow over. The
Train will come and you will know just what to do. My love. The past will
Fall behind.

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