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Shine Lyrics

Shine by Jaci Velásquez  

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Shine You will make the change
And you'll begin today
You will turn around and
See the world another way
You'll stand up tall
And move with grace
And you will see yourself
In every face, every face
You'll open up your eyes
Like the sunrise
Your heart will fly and you'll realize
What a gift is to be alive, be alive
Be alive.
Shine...Shine on
Shine...Shine on
On and on
You will feel the heat
So soft, so sweet
You will listen long and well
Before you humbly speak
You'll walk that mile
Be the first to smile
To reach out you hand and
Reconcile, reconcile
And in the end you'll make amends
Be a true friend, strong enough to bend
Be grateful when you start again,
Start again
When you start again.

CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music