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Pink Squares Lyrics

Pink Squares by I Was A Cub Scout  

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Pink Squares Don't the clocks turn back this evening?
Another hour for you to try and forget, to try and correct
Your mistakes.
And yes I know I'm wrong
But there's two sides to every story,
Baby we are not the same
And we will never feel the same.
And oh oh oh am I in trouble?
Darling I apologize,
I need you more than anything,
Please come back with me tonight
Oh oh oh I am in trouble
Darling I apologize,
I miss you more than anything,
Please don't ever leave my side.

These gentle twists, these gentle turns
We're getting awfully close,
I have my suspicions that something's wrong,
You know I should of stayed and talked,
But oh I grabbed my shoes
And I left the room singing oh oh oh what can I do?
Baby there is no need to hide.
Darling there is no need to fight.

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