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The Seventh House

by Iq. Buy album CD: Other Songs A - Z

To be where once they met
One who comes to lay the past to rest inside
One who can't forget
Yesterday the heroes of the hour
Who survived those who fought and lost
Standing at the moment of release they pause
To count the dreadful cost

My life is out of condition
I've held it together myself the best I can
I'll never feel this way again

After all this time we've been apart
Still now I wonder where you are
No-one understands how close you came to us
No-one knows how far

This time it's harder than ever
I've weathered the storm and I kept you safe and warm
I'll never feel this way again

Oh, my angel in black water
All your heartache soon be over
Oh, my baby, rest you well

Cathedral that man created, you're weighted down by a jealous sound
Bewildered and dislocated, your soul deflated and gone to ground
Nobody, no final direction, no way to connect in this heavier state
The lives that we never remember are heading us out to another mistake

It's with me, it's waiting for me as Heaven is calling us to our knees
And there in the seventh house lie the seventy-five figures such as these
I'm all out of random
Sentenced by madmen who have abandoned me
What chance of survival?
I've had an eyeful more than I cared to see
And if I forget you or if I let you fall under someone's spell
Nobody can blame you, put out the flame, you kept it alive so well
What web are we weaving?
Nothing achieving, are you receiving me?
So far out in the ocean, stuck in emotion on an unending sea

And if you forget me, don't ever let me under your broken wing
Nobody can know you kept it below you, I never felt a thing
What a way to go

How did all the dreaming in my life arrive at such a bitter end?
On the rooftops draped in black, denial stopped me in my tracks
By the fearful light of dusk, this position I defend
All around the sky is cracked, won't somebody send me back?

Fourteen hundred hours, won't forget that day
Coal-black sky, the earth a hundred shades of grey
In the aftermath, as silent as the grave
I alone remained, no other soul was saved
Faces turning over
Limbs that shake without a conscious kind of movement now
For all their tomorrows we gave our last day today

In a future all their own
Documents reveal patriotic zeal
Singing to remember, drinking to forget the lie
All the name beyond recall
Empty politics in houses one to six
Locked and barred against the memory

My life is out of condition
I've held it together myself the best I can
I'll never feel this way again, again

These are the lives we are measured by
Heaven help us to answer why
Every minute of every day they die
Waiting and wondering all alone
Silent voices across the land
Speak in tongues they can never understand
Nameless and wandering far from home
Always held in the seventh house
Everything we inherit now's the same

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