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Since you left Lyrics

Since you left by Insite  

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Since you left Well I guess that this will be a little sad song
Will make you wanna cry...
Well hear my words
Cuz you can see I'm feeling so alone
Since you left...
Since you left...

Im out of words to describe how I feel now
Can someone tell the other part of me
That I miss her so much
Miss her so much (and I still miss her)

I've never seen such day
Like that Febuary day
Where you and I sit and then count for shooting stars
Then I think of what I wish and realize that it comes true
Every time that im with you
And you're not hereā€¦

Just can't go out running to nowhere
And always ending at your door
To tell you that..I can't give up
Until I say okay..sitting on a bench with me
We'll watch and then come down
I want you deep inside in my heart
you mean so much to me to think a look inside of me
you'll see my life so miserable...
Since you left...

CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music

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