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Dawn Of Awakening - Insanity Reigns Supreme


Dawn Of Awakening by Insanity Reigns Supreme

Unbowed have we entered our tomb
Our conviction still unfaltered
We are the bastion of resistance
They blinded our fury
And now shall feel our wrath
7 nights of infernal mayhem have announced
The arrival of the spirits of old... Awaken us
Too long this slumber... Too long this death
At last to be again
We have travelled from beyond the empire of the dead
From the eternal damnation that is hell
Mercy and compassion
Are ground to dust beneath our heels
The gates of hell lie broken
Free the angels of the abyss
Heed the clarion call
Lead us back into darkness
And gather in Babylon
We are the dark blooded
The bringers of the drifting tides
We abhor and detest your light
Unter den ewigen schwarzen Himmel
Sind wir gefluechtet
Um unsere suenden abzusahlen