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by Insane Clown Posse. Buy album CD: Other Songs INS - Y

[Violent J:]
Something has woke my a thump on my roof, it was followed by crashing, more
thumping ensued
I jumped out of my bed thinking I'd been invaded, heard smashing, more
pounding, the sound escalated
Looked out of my window, blood dripped down thy glass, I see bodies lay twisted
and mangled on grass,
I ran into thy main room and Shaggy was dead, so was Nate the Mac, Jumpsteady
and ABK
Bolted out of thy house to see if it's a joke, I heard hundreds of car alarms,
saw flames and smoke
and thy sky above red, I see dead bodies fallin' it's raining with corpses thy
blood is appalling

[Chorus: Shaggy 2 Dope and a gang of Juggalos]
Mama told me when it rains - IT POURS, but never mentioned Dead Bodies - DEAD
Mama told me when it rains - IT POURS, La de da da de la da de -

[Violent J:]
I never seen so many.... horrified looks on people's faces...
(Thy blood is appalling)
I hope I never see what all them people saw... and put them in there places...
(Thy blood is appalling),
The sun was so hot... So hot...
I was burning... Yeah

Dead bodies lay randomly some stack in piles, on all of there faces pour
horror, no smiles
I see children, and ciders, and ninjas my age, all lay naked and mangled, most
withered for days,
I found safety a shelter I'm under a tree; only fingers and organs come falling
on me,
I lay sleepless for days as thy raining continued, thy heat of thy sun baking
corpses like food
Then it finally stopped I walk knee deep in blood, over piles of bodies threw
what was my hood
It was right at that moment thy Wraith had appeared, and thy message it left me
might sound kind of weird
But take all that I'm seeing and opposite that, truth is I'm thy one dead and
this is my Hell's Pit.

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Album: Other Songs INS - Y Lyrics
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