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Intro (the calm) Lyrics

Intro (the calm) by Insane Clown Posse  

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Intro (the calm) Here we are. This is the calm before the storm. We off the track now. That means we're heading into
brand new unknown territorys y'all. We into the crop circles, It says time waits for no mutahf**kin'
body. After this short calm, a vicious storm will arrive. A horendously wicked storm. Lighting bolts
so powerful they set fire to water. Thunder loud enogh to shatter brick walls. And it's headin' right
towards us all. We call this storm The Tempest. Tornados of fire, being chased by enormus tidal waves.
The tempest. Tearing down forests into feilds reveiling crop circles. The Tempest. Who will be left,
Who will still be around in the end. The Tempest. Who will survive long enough to join us for the new
dawn. ICP is rollin' over.

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