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Tried to Be Friendly Lyrics

Tried to Be Friendly by Innpeach  

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Tried to Be Friendly (PT Lauren)
The baby of the better times hates you
So you´ll know just where to go
In this one world that´s never enough for two
When you show your secret goal
Tried to be friendly , now everybody hates me for it
Don´t believe that I could do it again
Too many worries and nobody gave me credit
Don´t think that I hate you , though you´re not my friend
My saviour´s your demon in the shade
When you crawl , she gives you a call
Yeah , but hey man , don´t blow these minds I´ve made
To be a wall for a baby doll
Having fun is an obligation
A bad habit , a twisted sensation
But don´t worry darling
´cause I really hate to smile when I´m feeling bad
you know that I´m the little f**ker that taints you all
I´m the bad perpetrator , the looser on the wall
Here I go , I break , I never really hesitate
And everything´s great

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