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A Call To Minds Lyrics by Inner Surge


A Call To Minds by Inner Surge

A moment's peace from the slaughter, please
So called slaves on their knees
Poison in the womb
Makes this a human race's tomb
You know that it's a dream
But you remain asleep
There's nothing here for you to keep
Flirting...We're flirting with extinction
Almost gone...
How far until we know that we must turn back?
Man is cancerous and doesn't seem to care
Unless it's his blood that's being drained
Nature's become a decoration we water
To give some balance to our cement
You know you'd save Her
If She was only of some use
To give you your desire
False paper truths
So you can cash in
Before you ship out

This is a Call to Minds
A last resort before we run out of time
A chance to heal and leav pain behind
This is a Call to Minds

I Must Prepare Myself