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Inked In Blood Lyrics Hoping To Dream & Never Return

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Hoping To Dream & Never Return

by Inked In Blood. Buy album CD: Lay Waste The Poets

Every step I take in this world seems to sink - as if I'm sleepwalking.
And the light I see is fading.
To concede my defeat would be bliss to me.
My vision begins to fade; a tunnel around my sight.
The future seems so improbable.
If only I could run faster than these demons.
If only I could fly faster than these lies.
I keep closing my eyes hoping to dream and never return.
To slit my wrists and spill my blood would sing the sweet song of oblivion.
These leeches that come to me at night -
These sirens softly singing almost have me swimming.
These phantoms that whisper to me; their breath - so cold, their voices so loud.
The ties that bind - would steal the breath from me.
The ties that bind - begging me to sleep.
Yet I choose to live and reject this demise.
For hope remains where there is life.
My life - this day, has almost claimed me - yet tonight...
Tonight I am alive.
All it would take is a word, a single loving word from you
And I would have the strength to overcome the walls
That I have built up against myself.

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Album: Lay Waste The Poets (2005) Lyrics
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