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I Paint The World In Solitude Lyrics

I Paint The World In Solitude by In Dread Response  

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I Paint The World In Solitude Buried yourself with these lies.
I paint the world in solitude
Through barricades of orphans
Grand white horses sinking to the riverbed

Dwellers of the deep, telling me your stories
Through glowing eyes and black scales
From the light-starved kingdom of subterra

(Finish it now, or forever be numbed)
Do not live another day for them,
Your strength is false, they cannot hear you
The wolves run up the stairs, to find you
Through a red haze they see, they see bloodthirsty

Take your refuge, or take flight
For it means ill...

As your silhouette disappears between the stones
I paint the world in solitude
How the moon warps my fatalistic vision
Amidst the sea of dreaming souls!

Gravel and spade,
Tonight I dig your corpse
How lovely the stain glass gleams through the arches
These golden statues approve
Your holy mother on the throne

Your presence means death,
Do not return

CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music

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