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Grayish Land Of Desolation Lyrics

Grayish Land Of Desolation by Impurity  

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Grayish Land Of Desolation In the grayish land of desolation
Was announced the end of the world
New mystics came over
They brought weapons and words
To the prophet's war
In the pages of revelation
There is fiction
But above all
A veiled arcanum
From the age of Antichrist
In the grayish land of desolation
The beast is free and blasphemes all over
The end of the world is here
In the grayish land of desolation
That is sad and happy
In the eternal satisfaction
Of the lord of the new millennium
Mark the words
Of the tyrannic apocalypse lord
Who announces a colossal burning
To incinerate the mundane
It is the lord of redemption
Who wants to destroy the creation

What god? What angel?
Revelation is in the mind
And in mouth of the prophet of mistake

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