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Impaled Nazarene Lyrics In The Name Of Satan

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In The Name Of Satan

by Impaled Nazarene. Buy album CD: Other Songs A - INS

You fucking inbred shit, you make me so sick
I'll teach you a lesson you will never forget
I'll hunt you down, you faggot fucking whore
Smash your fucking skull and laugh when I am done
Cursed be the day when you were born
You should have been aborted now that's for sure
And one more thing, this is what I think
Whatever you are involved in is nothing but pure shit
Say just one more word and here comes my fist
It rips that faggot face apart you fucking inbred shit
And I won't rest before you are dead
And maggots are consuming your oversized head
Die you fuck, drop fucking dead
I am glad to help you, you fucking piece of inbred shit
Even if I would be caught I couldn't care less
'cause long time ago I stopped caring
My hate is fuelling my inner burning fire
And to end your life, now that's my desire
I just hope you have guts to fight
For I am happy as hell to end your fucking shitty life
(Music: Kellokoski
Lyrix: Luttinen)

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Album: Other Songs A - INS Lyrics
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  1. Angel Rectums Still Bleed
  2. Apolokia Ii: Aikolopa 666
  3. Convulsing Uncontrollably
  4. Corpses
  5. Cult Of The Goat
  6. Damnation
  7. Emotin
  8. Enlightenment Process
  9. Execute Tapeworm Extermination
  10. Gag Reflex
  11. Gott Ist Tot
  12. I Al Purg Vonpo
  13. Kali Yaga
  14. Kuolema Kaikille
  15. Mika Luttinens Letter
  16. My Blessing
  17. Nyrkilla Tapettava Huora
  18. Prequel To Bleeding
  19. Quab/The Burning
  20. Reflect On This
  21. Rhetoric Infernal
  22. Sadhu Satana (holy Satan)
  23. Satanic Masowhore
  24. Silent And Violent Type
  25. Tentacles Of The Octagon
  26. The Day Of Reckoning
  27. The Plan
  28. Under Attack
  29. 66.6 s Of Foreplay
  30. Apolokia
  31. Goatzied
  32. Intro
  33. Kohta Ei Naura Enää Jeesuskaan Squad
  34. 1999: Karmakeddon Warriors
  35. Amrageddon Death
  36. I Al Purg Vompo
  37. The Horny And The Horned
  38. My Blessing (The Beginning Of The End)
  39. Violence I Crave
  40. Wrath Of The Goat
  41. Angel Rectums Still Bleed (The Sequel)
  42. Bashing In Heads
  43. Chaosgoat Law
  44. Disgust Suite O:P I
  45. Opolokia II: Aikolopa 666
  46. The Maggot Crusher
  47. Curse Of The Dead Medusa
  48. Hate
  49. In The Name Of Satan
  50. Quasb / The Burning
  51. Disgust Suite O:P II
  52. Gott Ist Tot (Antichrist War Mix)
  53. Impure Orgies
  54. Kuolema Kaikille (Paitsi Meille)
  55. Suffer In Silence
  56. Alien Militant
  57. Halo Of Flies
  58. Kohta Ei Naura Enää Jeesuskaan
  59. Worms In Rectum
  60. Conned Thru Life
  61. Genocide
  62. Recreate Thru Hate
  63. The Forest (The Darkness)
  64. How The Laughter Died
  65. Kali-Yuga
  66. Mortification Blood Red Razor Blade
  67. Cyberchrist
  68. Even More Pain
  69. Nuctemeron Of Necromanteion
  70. The God (Symmetry Of Penis)
  71. The Oath Of The Goat
  72. When All Golden Turned To Shit
  73. False Jehova
  74. Impurity Of Dawn
  75. The Burning Of Provinciestraat
  76. The Dog (Art Of Vagina)
  77. Urgent Need To Kill
  78. All That You Fear
  79. I Eat Pussy For Breakfast
  80. Sadistic 666 / Under A Golden Shower
  81. The Crucified
  82. Apolokia III: Agony
  83. Infernus
  84. Body-Mind-Soul
  85. Ave Satanas
  86. Hoath: Darbs Lucifero
  87. Apolokia Finale XXVII A.S.
  88. Fall To Fornication
  89. We´re Satan´s Generation
  90. Noisrevrep Taog
  91. Intro S.F.P.
  92. Noisrevrep Eht Retfa
  93. I Am The Killer Of Trolls
  94. Burst Command Til War
  95. Instrumental I


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