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Execute Tapeworm Extermination - Impaled Nazarene


Execute Tapeworm Extermination by Impaled Nazarene

Up until now
You lot have been leaching around
This will change
You demand civil wage
You have no will to work at all
Death camp awaits
For you meat is murder
But we all are born carnivores
Accept the facts
Mommy wakes you up at night
So you can roll joints at certain time
Just fucking die
Execute tapeworm extermination
Up until now
We have kept our mouths shut
This will change
We shall shave off your dreads
And then we put you to death
Execute tapeworm extermination
Save the planet, get rid of the scum
Public hangings, the Octagon approved
Save the planet, death to the scum
And we can live happily ever after