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The unveiling Lyrics

The unveiling by Icp  

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The unveiling now we've been told this carnival shit has touched on many lives
people have fuckin sworn to us they too can feel it inside
what is it that draws you in
this magic that compels you
we've been waitin six fuckin joker cards to finally tell you
the messages and hints were there although most never picked up on 'em
we snuck em in subliminally with that wicked shit around em
we mentioned more and more of this on every jokers card
the bottom line always the same you ain't have to look hard
we wickedly kicked, inflict it, you get it get wit it and dig, we don't preach it flat out
coz some ninjas don't wanna get witcha they quik to forgetcha witout the hatchet and gat ou
so we rose the hatchet do or die now juggalos standin tall
after all six have risen the end of time will consume us all
it ain't got nothin to do wit us, it ain't psychopathic records
all we're doin is pointin shit out to you we in this together
who's behind the dark carnival, the gatherings, and the hatchet
who's behind dark lotus, the circus, and everybody at it
who invented juggalos and juggalettes and fuckin faygo showers
what about that feelin you get when bumpin our shit who's behind the juggalo powers
this ain't no fuckin fan club
it ain't about makin a buck
don't buy our fuckin action figures bitch i don't give a fuck
it ain't about violent j or shaggy, the butterfly or seventeen
when we speak of shangri-la what you think we mean
truth is we follow GOD
we've always been behind HIM
the carnival is GOD
and may all juggalos find HIM

may the juggalos find HIM
may the juggalos find HIM
may the juggalos find HIM
(HE's out there, HE's out there)
we're not sorry if we tricked you
(we don't care what happens now)
we're not sorry if we tricked you
(swing our hatchets and proud)
we're not sorry if we tricked you
(painted faces in the crowd)
we're not sorry if we tricked you
(the carnival will carry on)

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