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Simple And Blunt Lyrics

Simple And Blunt by Icp  

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Simple And Blunt Check it out.
Another f**kin sampler, I won’t even front
I’ll f**kin tell you all about our sh*t simple and blunt
and if you take the time to listen as I run this down
maybe you might even dig our sh*t and understand a wicked clown
we forever underground cause up on the surface
they've always said we talent less pieces of sh*t and worthless
YET, as I’m wright’in this now
I glance over at the wall and I don’t know how
but we got 2 platinum albums
and another 4 gold
and we never used Mtv we went up the back road
and built a fan base that’s so behind the clown
that they'll tear your f**kin city in half to show they down
but see that’s just it though, it aint a fan base
it’s a family drawn together like we from outer space
I mean we call our selves juggalos I guess that explains it
that we relate because we been through the same kinds of pain
I mean ICP don’t rap about the money we get
because half the juggalos so broke they be steelin our sh*t
and they don’t wanna hear about us pushin up Benz
when the takin f**kin greyhounds just to get to gatherins
we like cartoons, serials, slaughterers on a record
its how we adjust to the pressures of life
let our music do the killin for you, you'll be alright
and seriously aint you the least bit curious
what’s up with this underground world we gettin furious
just like the sampler that your bumpin right now
this might be your callin to our carnival grounds
and tell me this mutha f**ka truly how you livin
ever get the urge maybe do a little wig splittin
ever been the last kid picked for a team
ever had mutha f**kas come and sh*t on your dreams
do you have ideas and somethin to say
only aint nobody ever got their ears pointed your way
ever been f**ked with for like this and that
and go home with crazy thoughts about cuttin they necks
you might find an escape in this band the world hates
cause we been gettin sh*t on homie we can relate
and aint nobody here datin any Hollywood stars
attendin VIP parties at high profile bars
but if we aint your cup of tea than just don’t f**k with me
I respect the f**k out the fact that you stuck with me
and listened on as we tried to explain ourselves
we know that ICP is f**kin hated and doughted
but our new albums the bomb and i wouldnt lie about it
we call it the wraith and its the 6th jokers card
and the juggalo worlds been waitin long and hard
so we savin it all we wont play you a lick
thats why they got me on here rappin about the sh*t
but for 10 years this album has been in our focus
every thing from dog beats on through to dark lotus
and its finally dropin on Nov. 5
unless the f**kin record label f**ks up the sh*t
plan is that’s the day that the best we can do
will be put in the stores and delivered to u
or you can download the sh*t free most probably will
but the packaging and booklet it comes with it still
so if your lookin 4 the best way of copin it free
my advice is hit a record store and pluck the CD
get you the booklet, and get you the disk
and leave all the case with the cover and sh*t
and then buy somethin cheap like a Brittany Spears sticker
so they don’t get suspicious when they see you at the register
1 way or the other I can promise you this
juggalo or not our f**kin records the sh*t
and I don’t give a f**k what rolling stone ends up given
cause that’s just some f**kin other idiots opinion
if he knows what’s so dope he should make it himself
and quit f**kin judgin every f**kin body else
anyway all we tryin to say is that bomb ass L.P. is headed your way
a little somethin for the under dogs out there
we extended the depth to let you know that we here
and our carnival doors is always open to yours
and 4 everybody else we stand up and applause
for taken a little time to listen to me spin
on this here on this here free cd hatchet sampler sh*t
and for all the juggalos out there that didn’t know the deal
we put together this hear for you to feel come on.

CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music

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