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I stab people Lyrics

I stab people by Icp  

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I stab people I
I'd like to uh,
If it's, if it's cool wih Jake and Jack
I'd like to address the juggalos
In a
personal matter
it not all good
I mean,
things aint always that cool
You know what I mean
I just wanna talk
to you about a problem I got,
maybe you can help me

I stab people
4 or 5 people every day
I tried to see a shrink to stop that sh*t
but there aint no f**kIN way
I stabed him,
his nurse and his f**kin cat
Stabbed 'em,
stabbed 'em all like that!
I stab people I know,
I stabbed Alex my manager
He was like "WHAT THA f**k!"
I stabbed 'em in the gut!
I order food just to stab the guy
when he gets there I don't care,
I stab anybody anywere
I stabbed the mailman
he was p**sed
He tried to mace me
I'm too quick with the stabbin (come on come on)
mace me
I stabbed Twiztid
Jamie Madrox
I stabbed 'em
Myzery stabbed me,
ahh god damn 'em!
I stab old people
old ladies
little kids
I don't give a f**k!
I stabbed the fat guy in the butt (hehe) what?
I stabbed Pete Rose,
I stabbed 'em twice in the nipple
I'm violent J and I stab people

Maybe somebody can help me (repeat)-

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