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Intro (Basement Cuts) Lyrics

Intro (Basement Cuts) by Icp  

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Intro (Basement Cuts) some of you mutha f**kas know me
ya say thats joe bruce my neighborhood homie
tryna come up tryna be a rap star
but his basement tapes aint goin far
i aint tryna be famous
i aint tryna be rich
all im tryna do is dip my dick in your b**ch
see me at the dark rim shootin hoops
or at home takin beats from the lifers groupe
yea i'm jackin beats i aint afraid to say
them them mutha f**kas rottin in jail anyf**kinway
but i dont need to hear u say it
ya dont like my sh*t than dont f**kin play it
"eh yo j yer tape is weak"
now yer eyes swelled shut and yer missin teeth
this is a home made mutha f**kin basement track
i aint a super star,so get the f**k off my nut sack

CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music

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