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Headless boogie Lyrics

Headless boogie by Icp  

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Headless boogie its friday night, dark scary
lonley walkin through the park cemetary
and its foggy, cold and smoggy
i hear a dog, a howlin doggy
im scarred shoulda brought the shot gun
woulda've, shoulda've, but i aint got one
so i'll watch my back and whats that
the care taker, a dirty old hunch back, betta
run, hide, quick, fast he's comin for my ass with a shovel
no where to run,nor hide but a grave pit
so i dove in, i did the dumb sh*t
took a fall, leapin at six foot
down the stairs hit a floor, and through a door
into a whole new world of stix
body's, heads and sexy little dead chicks

club lights, sound bass
DJ's spinnin with maggots on they face
but what i saw next stand really took me
ugh, they did the headless boogie

chorus (x2)
hey yo i heard that ya died
f**k that its time to get live
dead bodies lets all take a ride
lean to the left and slide (headless boogie)

ahh ya we dug up the finest b**ches in the grave yard
so c'mon down and if you aint here to get ur funk out
then get the f**k out b**ch

they all stand straight and swing to the side
no heads but they feet still slide
take a step back twist and dive
i even seen kurt cobain gettin live

no heads but they all funkay
and drunk drinkin old spunkay
dont be shy everyones able
hit the floor and leave ya nugget on the table

and kick step
but when ya do kick soft
if ya dead your legs might fall off
the whole time i cant believe
i cant concieve
i dont wana leave


im kickin into a freak with no head
no face but the rest is straight
she's with it
i hit it like a G
her back fell off
eww excuse me

zombies mumies and frankienstiens
drinkin cisco, disco, dead whine
dead stix comin through the door
heads fingures and limbs o the floor
in gettin drunk, i wana be down
whats u i wana be the headless clown

they pulled out the jigsaw and got raw
and that ended it all i did the headless boogie

chorus (x2)

hey yo f**k that voodoo pie sh*t b**ch
u come to freak with the real juggalos
so come on by and we'll chop ur nugget and so you can get ur freak on

chorus (till fade.end of song)

CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music

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