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Pandora's Box Lyrics

Pandora's Box by Ian Parry  

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Pandora's Box [Verse]
A simple explanation
Can often clear the doubt
Which some of us can feel
Should we let, sleeping dogs lie

Inside the mind exists
A fragile breeding place, for ignorance and fear
Which shelters the shame

No-one, person is ever the same
No-one, person is ever to blame
[Backing vocal] Slowly, slowly
No matter what the cost, secrets exposed
Slowly, slowly
A pandora's box, is harder to close

The evil that men do, the hidden secrets
Aren't they better left alone
So why, prolong the pain

[Repeat Bridge & Chorus]

Don't search any deeper
If pandora has wings... then there's no turning back


[Repeat Chorus]

CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music