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Intrusions Of Madness - Ian Parry


Intrusions Of Madness by Ian Parry

Now those days have gone
The days when people had a choice
A person could feel safe just walking, in the park
Just you and yourself, an' no-one else would interfere
How I wish, those days would reappear
All attempts to stabilize society have failed
Decent people threatened by, intrusions of madness
What can we do to get things done
What can we say that isn't wrong
Why must we all accept this way
What can we change to make things better like they
Once were many years before
Now those days have come
The days when hatred roamed the streets
Carrying out sentences, one by one
Right across the world with fear... the world with fear
As their own mistrust would change them
Cos' no-one dared to say it's wrong
[Repeat Bridge and Chorus]
Just like they were, many years before