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Banquet For Thieves - Ian Parry


Banquet For Thieves by Ian Parry

The law is the truth
But the truth about the law can change
What's good for some of us
I wouldn't like to recommend it
Some may work hard, all the hours god gave
While others bend the rules
To mold into, a cruel advantage
What is democracy
Without real justice for all
Societies legacy, protects them more and more
They're laughing at us all
Their lies are accepted
It's a banquet for thieves
Defenders of the faith
More preposterous by the day
A distant empathy
From our parallactic view we remain
Can we sustain
A phenomenon in disarray
Once they cross, into our world
We're pages in the book, of misery
[Repeat Bridge & Chorus]
[Repeat Chorus]
The law is the truth