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Left To Rot Lyrics

Left To Rot by Hypocrisy  

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Left To Rot The power of darkness - you never believed.
A prince of evil - to conquer your dreams.
I said why you dont perish friend of the unjoy.
I put you mercyly in to show you my power.

Die for me in hell!
So what can you give, to live, on your spare

Martyr from the sky - your love will turn to hate.
No more lies - you never see the light of the day!
You must pray...

Give me your hands - I cut them off.
Watching you standing - so you dont fall.
You start to crying - I steal no tear.
You Liar - I have no fear!

You must hate...

"I break you down in hell...
...I'll steal your show and to abort you forever."

CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music