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Joanie's Got Problems Lyrics

Joanie's Got Problems by Huntingtons  

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Joanie's Got Problems Well i know a girl and her name is joanie
She tries to be cool but she acts so funny
And if she had a clue she'd trade it all away
She's not as pretty as she'd like to be
So she signed up for cosmetic surguery
'cause the doctor said she wouldn't feel a thing

She went into the wrong room
And i don't think she'll be walking
Anytime soon, no
Joanie well she's got a problem
Problem what to say
She's gonna try to stop to rehabilitate
To get her messed up life back straight
She's got a problem now

She just wanted a tummy tuck a cute button nose and some lyposuction
To look like one of those snotty power girls
She looked in the mirror and shut her eyes real tight
'cause what was lookin' back was lookin' more like
Jerry lewis than geri haliwell

She went into the wrong room
And i don't think she'll be smiling
Anytime soon, no

She's had some bad years before
But they were always ones we could ignore
She's headin' straight the wrong way now
She's no prom queen now

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