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9:08 A.M. - H Pisces


9:08 A.M. by H Pisces

A lack of sympathy is wath it means to me
In my eyes tears I've cried
Lived through that tragedy, kissed by the memory
Darkness shines so bright
Night is wrapped in sunlight
Uncertainty is the guid
Helplessness will satisfy
Shame turned into pride
Dirt has cleansed virginity
Love's a word of antipathy that's what you mean to me
Cause you're Anna M, Anna M
You smiled while you were killing me
Smiled while you were selling me
Piece by piece again
Sunlight shines so bright
The night is wrapped in darkness
Certainty is the guide
Helplessnes unsatisfies
Steadfastness's my pride
Dirt has stained virginity
A lack of sympathy is what is means to me
Lived through a tragedy kissed by the memory
Loved once I loved ones die