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Pig Skinnas

by House Of Krazees. Buy album CD: Other Songs A - Y

Four little pigs
Ima bout to peel ur cap
To mutch talkin shit
Got you shoved up in the back seet
The time? TIme to make a ham sandwich
Lil pig aint nothing but a punk ass snitch
But the only good cop is a dead cop
So im gonna swing my knife and let there head drop
But the beet wont stop, Till i grab my pork chops
And i might ?? on a man selling ?? Nigga
Cops aint shit to me
'cause ima pig skinnna
Cops aint shit to me
Cops aint shit to me
Cops aint shit to me
Cops aint shit to me
But a bunch of harrasment cold blue
Will get your motherfuckin ass kicked
Pig skinna, grave digga, More like ??
Nigga in charge, Cop killa at large
Im no joke so don't provoke
Im not so b slacked on
Catch you slippin in the squad car
And it's time u got crept on
911's a joke, Is was i herd
So I come blastin with a Mossburg
Boom Boom Boom Im leavin suckers in shell shock
I got a ??, Im eatin eatin cops like ham hawks
Cuff me, Stuff me, But don't get rough see
Im down with the asylum in the home of the Krazees
No love for the boys in blue
Have a coffee and a donut and I'll poinson u
But back on the reel deal
I packs the crome still
For wack ?? bitch who chouse to act I'll
This is like a lesson
You suckers is warned
Im ?? like ?? so you better b warned
Krazee mothrfucker
Not liek shit that youv eva seen
I gassed the hole joint, And burnt the precint
Fuck with me? You picked the wrong nigga
Betta watch your bak for the straight up pig skinna
Cops aint shit to me
Cops aint shit to me
Cops aint shit to me
Cops aint shit to me
?? i come, I creep, You sleep
I kill, and my will
Harras my black ass for carrying steel
Call my crews, Your crews, They snooz
They go pop, I grass out, For the fist
They can't stop, They can't stop
Down the ally way, Im court out like a fuckign rat
I don't resist arrest, Handcuffed and packed in the back
On my way to the station, Wat they don't know wont hurt
????????????????????????????? the pigs the jerks
Stopped at the station to escort me in
E.X.P put the sons of bitches in ???
Bitches on his way catch a wig tho
I gotta go out ????? others
Now know they know
So here we go again, And again
The sirens they roar
So we float to the ?? just to even the score
Up the stairs run, run and we run
I picked up the troops
About to get this up in ur ass - Whoop!
There it is for the Nine Tray
Ima pig skinna and i live and i die today
So yo
Cops aint shit to me
Cops aint shit to me
Cops aint shit to me
Cops aint shit to me
Cops aint shit to me
(Till End)

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