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Egomanisch Lyrics

Egomanisch by Hour Of Penance  

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Egomanisch The Sun, the Moon, the Stars
Are visions of a dream within a dream.
Kiss of light upon my brow.
I reflect the Universe's fall.

Throbbing at the heart of a supreme human being.
I'm part of a glittering Cosmos.
Teardrops of water that quench all thirst.
Teardrops of water that washes the weak away.
The secret is stolen while the World is weeping.
I laugh, worthless scenario to conquer.
My ears are deaf, your mourning is useless.
Egomaniac state.
My boot crushes the underground world.
The end of worms is near.

Lord of all storms, I dare you.
Lord of all storms, I dare you.
Lord of storms, I dare you.
Lord of storms, I dare you.

The Abyss is impending.
A gloomy sky turned upside down.
Gog and Magog, I summon them.
Time of contest is gone.
Sovereignty usurped.

My wish is a mark made of flames.
Your worthless bodies in the dark,
On your knees to pay.
Future creation will look behind
And before I stole their light.

They shall see me.

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