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The Quietest Mutiny Or Dear Leader Lyrics

The Quietest Mutiny Or Dear Leader by Hostage Life  

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The Quietest Mutiny Or Dear Leader for you, darling, I’ll wear this smile
I will walk that long extra mile and I’ll pretend we’re tight as friends
ass over tits, baby, I’ll bend but it’s an act
behind your back, it’s just a means to an end
I ain’t saying nothing to your face
I tell you, darling, mum’s the word
ain’t saying nothing lest you get hurt and I’ll falsify my loyalty
conduct the quietest mutiny
it won’t be easy because you’re a prick, I hate your fucking guts
I’ll show up everyday, for sure
so on the first I’ll be secure
make sure my thoughts are curbed because this could be so much worse
and I will try to look you in the eyes when I talk
without grabbing your head to rip it off
inside this shirt and tie
my pride and debt collide

CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music