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Extra Step Lyrics

Extra Step by Horace Pinker  

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Extra Step paint me the sky prove that you even like me come home to the friend i never
had drink more than we ever had then i'll see what i never could blinded
by the sky it's too hot to breathe so i'll say okay this time again and
wish you were the friend i never had so tell me what's on your mind jealousy
guarded cautiously it's at the tip of your tongue so you spit instead say
you even like me you'll just say i love you and i'll bite my tongue just
drink and wait bide the time like nine to five more like six to two we're
waiting this desert moves so slow kiss me let's make love and talk about
what we always wanted to do but never did let's drink more and more like
the heat dance in time 'til all is still and the world says okay one more
time again wait and drink think twice more we've got a lot more to say today

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