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Deep thaught eject button Lyrics

Deep thaught eject button by Holy Molar  

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Deep thaught eject button "Hey, what seems to be the mother f**king problem here?"
"well let me tell you officer, if I may interfere."
"see I sailed in through the outdoor and then my coat of arms..."
"Coat of arms?!""
"...yeah, they got chopped off on the roller coaster."
"what measures it'll take! (Oh I know!) "What lengths they will go! (oh I'll tell ya!)
"oh yes sir, you can't imagine, you don't even know."
"yea, there was this cute rat-thing, an inbred daughter who lost an eye. She clawed it out in her plastic cage and was like totally loose as a bruce for the skull f**king."
"Oh yeah?"

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