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It Will Never End Lyrics by High School Musical Cast


It Will Never End by High School Musical Cast

There is a path not far away
Where we'll find ourselves at crossroads,

Troy & Gabriella:
We can all join hands, and go one way

Or we can chase down our dreams
As the final song closes.

For all these years
We've stood together,
Friends forever
Now we are gunna move on
The future is our divide,
But our friendship
It will never end.
Let's hold hands one more time,
Enjoy the night,
Enjoy the memory
For it will never end.

In years from now,
I'll walk down the road,
See your face

Sharpay & Ryan: The memories and laughter

Ryan: The happiness will come flooding back,
For this is what made us strong.

We're players one and player's all,
Fighting against our greatest rival,

Chad & Taylor:
The unknown destiny of our lives,
It doesn't matter how many falls it takes,
What matters is that we can get up again.

Another day down,
But so many more to come

What's been was a warm up for what's to come,

We'll party until the sun rises again

Write the lyrics to the next day's song.

I'll take your footsteps as a direction

But I know to walk on my own feet

Just wait and see, watch what we'll do.

Troy & Gabriella:
The curtain closes one last time,

Sharpay & Ryan:
We'll embrace each other once more

Chad & Taylor:
Then we're ready to say goodbye

Zeke, Jason, Martha & Kelsi:
And we know deep down…

Sharpay & Ryan:
That it will never end.

Chad & Taylor:
That it will never end.

Zeke, Jason, Martha & Kelsi:
That it will never end.

Troy & Gabriella:
That it will never end.

We know now,
Don't need a second thought,
It will never end