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Ultra Music Power (english) Lyrics

Ultra Music Power (english) by Hey! Say! Jump!  

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Ultra Music Power (english) LaLaLa...

J Johnnys
U Ultra
M Music
P Power

Jumping to my dream
On this sad earth (a heart)
Flghting for my dream
Hug the sun

I am pleased and grieve and accept you and live
Even if confront it plainly and ache and feel it
The soldier whom I look with nobody, but is lonely
This time to have it of a limit to you
To you
I want to send it in miracle now


I believe it
(For all which comply for the blue blue earth
I do not give it up
We will stand up in big Gáw S[U now

I am not alone

(The love, the future, J.U.M.P.) J.U.M.P. JUMP)!


To LaLaLa...
The east sky
I go to catch LaLaLa...

We can try Fly high expired by wind

J Johnnys
U Ultra
M Music
P Power

CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music

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