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Given Time Lyrics

Given Time by Hammill Peter  

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Given Time There's no time for dull regrets
no-one underwrites your debts.
No satisfaction guaranteed,
but this much I believe
we make the lives we lead.
Best foot forward, face the day
as the moment slips away
like a whisper on the wind;
the tide turns as it breaks...
Given time
we lead the lives we make.
The curve that we trace in time
a shape of our own design.
Say it's over when it's done
did you learn to touch someone?
Long ago and far away,
voices linger on...
long ago, just yesterday,
caught in the clay of material need.
Given time
we make the lives we lead.
Given time
we make the lives we leave.
(PH - Piano, Guitar, Vox;
David Lord - Strings, Wind, Keyboard)

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