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The Marrow & the Bone Lyrics

The Marrow & the Bone by Hammet Melanie  

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The Marrow & the Bone i can feel you silently whisper
i can feel your perpetual stare
i can feel your heat surrounding me,
but when i look you're never there
tell me a riddle, tell me the truth
is this the secret of love or the passion of youth?
i've got to get you alone
between the marrow and the bone
every night i lie awake dreaming
about the things that lovers can do
and i want to have you near, me want to have you here
i want to show you what i'm gonna do
do you share my secret desire?
do you share the heat of my dreams
i won't keep fantasizing
things are really what they seem

CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music