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Dimitri Lyrics

Dimitri by Ham  

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Dimitri Just a little boy I called him Dimitri
He was lean and clean and really heavy and mean
Got hit by a car coming out from a bar
Singing heeheeheehahahaharharhar!
You were cute though you were mute my little Dimitri
Happy in the sea of love you had for me
I made you breakfast and I put you to sleep
You cooked my food and you licked my feet

Banana beauty was the Dimitri
Heaven is holy Dimitri symphony

You were always hugging me
Beautiful baby lover Dimitri
You were always eating Grásleppa
You said I was your dear old grandpapa
Waiting alone at our favourite bar
Only in Denmark I hear Harharhar!
Only in heaven is where you are
I look to the sky you are my loverstar

Baby Dimitri turns into a tree
Now he is free Dimitri Dimitri

CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music