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Death Of A Dream Lyrics

Death Of A Dream by Halcyon Way  

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Death Of A Dream Oh  death of a dream

You, you feel, that I
Should give you what is mine
Take from my family
Take from when I die
These, these hands, so scarred
Work the soil 'til now I'm gone
Pay for protection
Taxed to death and again

Oh  death of a dream
Boots, you hear, marching
Take you off in the night
Take your will and you rights
No one can claim it's right
Laws, they will no kneel
Abuse them as they feel
Power, they crave and they take
Ignorants, bound in chains

Oh  death of a dream

Death of a dream  when the light is gone inside
Death of a dream  rights of kings denied
Death of a dream  when a lie is not a lie
Death of a dream  liberty has died

My mind's no longer my own
Persecuted for my thoughts
Motives hidden
They've got no interest in me
Dreams, they are grounding out
Like a flame that's been snuffed out
Desire's been crushed
Give me faith to believe

Oh  death of a dream


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