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Foetal Mincer Lyrics

Foetal Mincer by Haemorrhage  

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Foetal Mincer Deplorable carnage on embryonic rests
A livid stillborn dismembered in scorn
Sprawled placenta splattered womb
Amniotic liquid spurts from her cunt
Avulsed testicles put into it's mouth
Strangulation by umbilical cord
Contused osseus structure is crushed
Provoking a total limb - displacment

Violently hammered head eyes fly away
Smashing the aborted corpse - foetal mincer

Shredded miscarriage hacked into mush
Inconsistent mass of clotted foetal pulp

Triturated extremeties - bones crackle
Pulverizing the aborted corpse - foetal mincer

CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music