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Nighttime Endurance Lyrics

Nighttime Endurance by Hades Almighty  

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Nighttime Endurance .Ohh mistress of emotions
Night in twilight rays of grey
In your embrace alone I find endurance
The fragile hours set between the sundown and the dawn
The beauty of the dawn
So sinister yet calm
Stagnant I stand as I give in to you
Fading light in a crimson glow
Soon the moon it's rays will throw
Through the torn up blackened sky
It's a sinery
So vast before me lie
Birth of night before my eyes
I shiver as the sunlight dies
A tarn, black mirror shine
Reflects the innerself of mine
Listen to the night sounds
Howling hunters wind through trees
The beauty of this song
Is almost painful
A requiem... a moonchant
Like a mournful
An anthem to the night
Soon to reach it's height
As I join to cry out
All my sorrows
Embraced by night alone
I find endurance
The silence of the witchinghour
Like nectar to my soul
Alas, this beauty can not last forever
Or praytell
It will do when
I die

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