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I miss you! (other vers 3.) Lyrics

I miss you! (other vers 3.) by Haddaway  

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I miss you! (other vers 3.) I know you can hear me, you would say
There's always two sides of every story
You're so right, I was wrong
I can't live without you!

Love was always easy
But the hearts was always hard
I didn't meant to be a such a fool
I want to make it right for every mistake i've done
I thought it'll be okay, but it was wrong

I miss you, Oh I miss you
I'm gonna need you more and more in life
I miss you, more than hearts can say
More than hearts can ever say!

All the truth i'll keep it secret by myself
I need to show you just how muched i've changed
Cause girl' you would be mine, if you had only tried
You wouldn't say goodbye to me again


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