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Idioth Lyrics

Idioth by Gröûp X  

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-Blade, listen to thait.
-Okay, what?
-I'm going to the doctorate, right?
-Mmm Hmm?
-And my-- and he's telling me I haive this problem
weef my fronthead, when I'm touching it it does like thait:
-Oh, Crapshaitt!
-Oh daim!
-You and I mowst haive been drinking
out of the saime cup, you know?
-We daid.
-Because, when I haive a saime problem, weef a laidie,
she goes to towch the testiclides,
and it maikes a sounde laike thais:
-Oh, that is sounding like the saime sound
owf my fronthead laike thais:
-Oh, crowtch, the saime as your fronthead laike thais!:
-You mean laike thais?:
Let me tell you about American Idioth
heres a couponette for an punch to the face
We break off your legs, put you in a sweetcase
You'd better run fast like a dog and cat chase
I am the dog, you are the cat
How you like that? (biggity baseball bat)
Hit to the head with a hard piece of bread like,
Doo doo doo do doo doo doo doo doo doo
Now you dead
I hate you so much I take your mother on a date
and telling her she's paying and i'm eating five steaks
I guess you to mess on us was a mistake
But you're an I-D-I-D-O-T-H
I-D-I-D-O-T-H (your faice look laike shaith)
Come and get a punch to your face
Time for to get a punch to the face
I-D-I-D-O-T-H (you're a dope without brothers or sisters!)
Oh look, a punch to your face
Time for get to a punch to your face
Wink 152 and Backshott Babies,
We bite you in the leg like a cat with rabies
Take all your ladies and make them to pay late-fees
At superstacies and still make them hate me!

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