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Pollyanna Lyrics

Pollyanna by Grey Cell Green  

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Pollyanna Innocent, full life
She makes it alright
She seizes the day

With a spring in her step
A song in her heart
A smile on her face

The way that I feel
The feelings unreal
The reasons I follow

In the dark of the night
She holds out the light
She keeps out the shadows

The pain and the sorrow the anger the lies
The joy and the happiness the laughter the smiles
On her I do rely
In her I do delight

The truth that she brings
She does the right thing
When no one is looking

Like an angel, she sings
When she spread her wings
The warm light surrounds me

The strength of my actions the words that I say
The feeling inside me that won't go away

On her I do rely
In her I do delight

She's the difference between all that's wrong and right
I'm encouraged to walk in the light

CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music