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3/4 Lyrics by Greenhouse Effect


3/4 by Greenhouse Effect

Can I
Picture a world
A world without you
The answer is no

I'd die
Five times
Before I
Couldn't dream
Of you
... in my way
... of freedom

Can I
Ever get off my ass
The answer might be no
But I'm a man of class

And pride and prayer
And hope...
" Don't see!
Any future for you...
... but me
... oh

So don't try!
Just stay where you are
Where I can never reach you
... where I will never try
You know I love you!
'Only one I've considered
I can't stop thinkin' of you!

... I said well it's time'
To picture that world
The one without you
The one I never considered;

I woke up
'thought it was just another
Dull day...
But I was wrong;
I found out
... that you're gone...

Ya didn't stay where you were
Where I could never reach you
... where I would never try

Damn it...
I loved you
The only one I considered
'Couldn't stop thinkin' of you!