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Severed Ecstasy Lyrics

Severed Ecstasy by Gorgasm  

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Severed Ecstasy Delving into my perversion, a fetish for phlebotomy
Bind the flesh to block the flow, Constricted vessels swell within
Blades caress brings arousal, Pleasure me with pain severe
Scowling as I carve a smile ear to fucking ear!!!
Ruptured and spewing my way to euphoria
Between the layers of sickening nausea
Ensanguine with razors my lustful dissection
Experience new pleasures though unobtained

Bleed life from me
Death infesting

Ripping lengthwise down my arms, Death comes soon
Gushing torrents I escape my flesh tomb

Lacerate wounded mortally
Hemorrhaging erupting to submerge me,
Drowning in this crimson paradise

CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music