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Out Of Control

by Gonzoe. Buy album CD: If I Live And Nothing Happens

[Gonzoe] (talking)
*(alarms and helicopter sounds)*
Fuck, no, not going back!
Ahhh, ahh (coughing) ehh

[Verse 1 - Gonzoe]
Good, the world got me runnin from the posse
Description on a walky-talky
Do you copy?
Brazilian boozin lightly
We chasin this day
Smoke and broccoli
Off this shit, probably, we smelt the smoke
Tried to stop me, but we took off
Fuck the law!
I got a warrant for some shit that went down and got found and tossed
Not movin no post
They found my fabrics
A nigga tried to play me too close, I had to blast him
Come on keep it movin
Nigga, what you provin?
It's me and you and we both got guns, I ain't losin
They traced it
Remember that night, high and wasted
Breakin niggaz with naturals comin out the briefcase and shit
And then it happened
Somebody started cappin
And it's me blackin out, I plugged up three
Hit the beach
When he gave us communion to the peace
Immediately, get on some new ID
Cause they'll kill me

*(Police Sirens)*
[Cops talking on police radio]
Do you copy?
Some of them from the correctional facility
License plate 1MA-80G
Looks like he's gonna exit Bundy
Copy... (copy let's go)

[Verse 2 - Gonzoe]
No matter what I'm not givin up
Fuck handcuffs!
They can chase me all day or we can straight bust
In the streets that's up in these corners
Complete with the gangsta tactics to get away from me
Police, fuck em nigga
Got a glock, better tuck it
And I'm stretchin on the one ten
And all in the bucket
Gang bet em, send me to Y-A all day
I'mma slang it till I run out of gas and get paid (get paid!)

[Guy talking about the chase]
*(helicopter sounds)*
Nah... in the hoods
Looks like LAPD's in one of their wild chases again
This is takin place in the freeway
Looks like uh, What is that? a umm.. blue Oldsmobile... going west
He's actually flickin off, look at him, he's flickin off the chopper

[Verse 3 - Gonzoe]
Hit every back street
But still can't shake the police
50 squad cars deep
Now or more DV
Do or die, O.J. on the old 4-O-5
Gettin high in my shit bumpin "When Thugs Cry"
Gonna be through with money
Look back wondering why they want me
See the sirens
And now my life flash before me
And I'm sick y'all
Cause this it it y'all
A young nigga
Who fumbled and took a pit fall
Shit y'all

[Cops at end of chase]
Get out of the car
(Get out of the car with you hands on your head)
Keep your hands up (keep your hands where we can see them)
Keep still, keep still (don't make any sudden moves)
Put your hands where I can see them
You're movin too much! (stay on the ground)
You're movin too much! Don't move!
Don't move!! Don't make any...
*(five gunshots)*

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